Curriculum Vitae

My Name is Shinobu Yokoyama, and I am a System Architect.


  • 2007 May - BA, University of Central Oklahoma;
  • 2018 March - MSc, Kyoto University;


data science and applied math

We are not afraid of levaraging our theory to accomplish your business task, or even further; to dive into acamedia if necessary.

2019 Jan~Aug - In the context, I would first refer to a work of `database tuning` where how much performance has been improved is the pure interest of our client. Not so as easy as it sounds, the invention of scheme involved with big data analysis were not well coordinated in a sense that no method promises the better result. Keywords: #database-tuning, #bigdata-analysis

2020 Oct - our work of image analytics can be seen in marblingpy, a Python command-line application that generates a randomized mathematical marbling image, has been developed under the collaborative work of Taktpixel Co., Ltd., as a python implementation of the image rendering methods introduced by the research group of Lu, Shufang in "Mathematical marbling.", 2011. Keywords: #OpenCV, #numpy

core system of a business

Although it's not necessarily true that we need to use a computer system to start a business, tactically it becomes greater the amount of well-handling and the extent of manageability if one chooses to do so over time. For years, we have been developing quite a few core systems, from a tiny monolithic singleton service to a large complex system that admits modern architecture of integrated smaller services. Since it is utterly unpredictable that our experience and knowledge may help you in the business, we will mention our scope of expertise as follows:

on-premises scenario: cash register, charge machines, tabletop ordering tablet and planning and installing network over VPN, etc.

SaaS/off-premises scenario: DSL for code generation, payment system, production management, stock management, client management, a cryptocurrency bank system, reporting and business intelligence, etc.

research and system consulting in business

Nowadays a system architecture must be granted to tough out the extensive demands, such as scalability, reliance/security and its measurability; in which many of the rooted concepts can be found in the SLOs' context. In short, it basically says that "our system/business should not be collapted in any suitable cases". We as an architect, both in business and system, first offer the definitions of the `collaption` and the `suitable cases` after the elaborate listening and observation of our clients. The definition of collaption is essential to suggest appropriate plans/models since it implies the minimum requirements of what you want to achieve. The suitable cases are crucially contribute to restrict the scope of plans/models; note that there is no such plans/models that are optimal for all system/business, rather we are to advise you to eliminate overly broaden scope that results costy cumbersome architecture of a system/business.


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